How To Varnish Your Wooden Floors

1. Prepare The Floor

make sure that the floor is clean and smooth

2. Apply Primer

After sanding, vacuum the floor carefully and wipe it with a damp cloth  to remove any dust. Then, stir the tin of floor primer thoroughly and  pour some into a container. Using a good quality microfibre roller and a  brush, apply a thin and even coat of primer on the floor

3. Apply Varnish

Once the primer is dry, lightly sand the floor with a fine-grit  sandpaper to remove any bumps or imperfections. Then, vacuum and wipe  the floor again as before. Stir the tin of varnish thoroughly and pour  some into a container. Repeat the same process as with the primer, using  a microfibre roller and a brush to apply a thin and even coat of  varnish on the floor. Start from one corner of the room and work your  way towards the door. Follow the direction of the wood grain and avoid  overlapping or leaving gaps. Varnish provides durability and gloss to  the floor. You can choose from different gloss levels depending on your  preference. Let the varnish dry completely according to the  manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Apply Another Coat of Varnish

Depending on the type and quality of varnish you use, you may need to  apply another coat of varnish for extra protection and shine. If so,  lightly sand, vacuum and wipe the floor again as before. Then, apply  another coat of varnish following the same steps as before. Let it dry  completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Enjoy Your Varnished Floor

Once the varnish is dry and cured, you can enjoy your beautiful and  durable wooden floor. Varnish is easy to maintain with regular sweeping  and damp mopping. Avoid using harsh cleaners or abrasives that can  damage or dull the finish. If you notice any scratches or wear on your  floor over time, you can lightly sand and re-varnish it to restore its  appearance.